Ogod, I'm supposed to think up something witty now, aren't I?

Ask me anything


Nope I just get 3 hours of tossing and turning…

Ugh this is the second day in a row that I’ve only gotten like 3 hours of sleep…

Why is my body doing this?!

-Sob- I just want sleep…


So I had like 3 hours of sleep today because my uterus decided that 3 months of a decently painless period was too much.

And now its just ripping itself apart so violently that it woke me up…


Just gonna wallow in misery until I (hopefully) pass out again…


talk dirty to me 


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You can’t control the Prince Of All Saiyans.

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This, everyone, is Danny Lopez, aka “DannyWiiU”, “DannySNES”, “dannydsi”, and a bunch of other names involving Nintendo consoles. He’s a creep whose Twitter feed consists ENTIRELY of asking women to burp for him and make videos of them burping. Plus trying to get 15-year old actress Joey King to unblock him from Instagram and Vine. Make of THAT what you will.

Recently, he threatened to rape Lindsay Ellis, rape all female producers for Channel Awesome/Chez Apocalypse/TGWTG, and kill her boyfriend (ToddInTheShadows) and their dog Kali. He is currently under investigation by the NYPD for these threats, and Lindsay has blocked him on Twitter.

Danny is not very clever, since he thinks that someone blocking him means he can continue to make these threats. He is mistaken. I’ve screencapped these for the attention of lindsayetumbls, partly because I don’t know how to submit them to her, but also as a signal boost. If you see him make any threats to anyone, screencap them, post them to Lindsay, and move on. These are all being used in a case against him.

Thank you.

When he did that burp ask to me, I blocked him immediately from every social media thing I got. Wish I screencapped it then.

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Surprise motherfucker


Surprise motherfucker

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Idk if this has been done before but

So fucking pissed!

I spent so much time cultivating a cute little porch garden on Sunday, only to come home to it all dug up by some fucking squirrel today.

I am going to set out some poisoned bread or something I swear to god.

I hate squirrels.

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“gamecube is now considered a classic console”


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